From gut feeling to know how

Using proximity and beacon technologies to elevate guest experiences, tailoring communication and optimizing decision making for Dyreparken

Dyreparken in Kristiansand is Norway’s biggest zoo and has grown to become one of the most visited tourist attractions in Norway. With an average of one million visitors a year, Dyreparken is one of the main driver for a large portion of the tourism industry in southern Norway.

Dyreparken had a vision to innovate the parkprodukt and secure continuous growth by making fact based investments. With the focus on the visitor’s experience and communication so to acquire the necessary feedback to improve and optimize Dyreparken’s operations.

fluxLoop delivers a beacon infrastructure and a proximity solution, Pinch™, collecting the guest’s behavioral patterns and thereby providing Dyreparken’s management with valuable tactical and strategic insights, and the know how to optimize costs and investments, alongside new partner constellations. Giving a solid foundation to improve guest experience, focused and tailored marketing, and strategic priorities and investments based on factual insights. Thereby making Dyreparken a leading business in proximity, resulting in strengthening the brand in the years to come.


The Challenge

Dyreparken’s ever growing size and the amount of guests made it difficult to know what areas of the park was most utilized and enjoyed by the guests. Without this insight it became a challenge to determine what influenced the guests experience while inside the park as well as what decisions could and should be made to improve the guest's overall experience.

What Dyreparken needed, was a solution that gave them accurate insight so they could improve the park, the guest’s experience and increase return visits without necessarily adding new features, but utilizing them smarter.  

The Solution

The solution was a new application with a new focus on collecting and utilizing customer insights with the help of mobile and beacon technologies, thereby increase the guest satisfaction and subsequently generating more guest. The application, “Dyreparken”, collected different data sets from the guests smartphones such as location data, behavioral data and satisfaction data. Always with the guest’s active informed consent. Providing Dyreparken with completely new and accurate customer insight.

Beacons were mounted at all the parks attractions and adventure areas, as well as defined regions so to gather data from all areas in the park. This made it easily to monitor how long the visitors stayed in different areas of the park and how they moved around throughout the park’s facilities.



Improving guest experience

With the hypothesis that few of the parks guest had a defined plan for the visit. Thereby, after entering the park, their path would be random. Meant that guests would risk missing out on the animal shows or performances that occur only once or twice a day. These are attractions known to be very popular among the guests and improved the overall experience of the park. Based on this hypothesis, a new form of communication was provided. Reminding the guest of shows, ongoing or about to start, at location X, tips about places to eat in the near vicinity, and information about ques to the parks many rides.  

Efficiently guiding and relocating the guests, so they can experience everything the park has to offer. The messages popped up on the guests smartphone, and even smartwatches, at the appropriate time based on the guest’s current and previous location.


A new research project, INSITE, was established together with new partners and supported by BIA-program. The main goal was to generate new value creation and profitable growth, by creating a new decision-making and management process based on the data collection and the analysis of data from a variety of the partners many data sources. The data was gathered on a big data platform which registered and showed all data in real-time. Making it possible to react consecutively and by making our analysis of the relations between demographics, behavior, turnover and satisfaction rate based on machine learning.

The mobile application gave Dyreparken the opportunity to communicate with their guests, because of Pinch’s integration within the application. Through the application the guest were asked to give their feedback directly after their visit. Giving good innsight of the guests experience, both during their stay and after. In this way Dyreparken receives valuable and continuously fresh feedback about the guest’s amusement level at the appropriate time, all in real-time. This feedback is very important to further maintain and better the park and thereby the visitor’s experience. All in a cost efficient and empirical way.


Business optimization

The project gives Dyreparken, as well as the other businesses, the tools to optimize the park’s operations. So that they can determine the best short and long term investments and generate the most satisfied and profitable customers, thereby securing a higher return visits to a lowest possible resource proposition.

The result


The project has given new and unique insights. Both how the guests utilize and enjoy the park, as well as getting a closer look at the factors that elevate the guest’s overall experience. With this new factual data and analysis, Dyreparken has the tools and insights to optimize the guest’s satisfaction as well as the park’s operations and investments.

As an outcome, Dyreparken has been able to:

  • Identify new hotspots for potential commercial opportunities

  • Influence guest behavioural patterns and park capacity utilization
  • Perform operational optimization in real-time in dashboards to elevate overall experience
  • Reduce costs, optimize staffing
  • Fact based evaluation of future investments
  • Associate new collaborative constellations
  • Conduct more accurate marketing targeting guests in the park, in the region plus future guests
  • Grow Dyreparken’s partner network to increase tourism to, and guest spending in the whole Sørlandet region

The basic idea of establishing a new decision-making process based on the collection and analysis of behavioural data and data from a number of other data sources, represents radical innovation in Norwegian tourism and adventure industry.

We look forward to continue evolving the project throughout 2018.


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