Pulling the customer
the right way

Using proximity and beacon technologies to pull the customer inn and give them the unique treatment they need

Telenor is one of Norway’s largest mobile telecommunications companies, and offers a full range of telecommunication services to the norwegian household. Including mobile and fixed telephony as well as broadband and TV distribution.

Telenor wanted to give something extra to their beloved customers and invited them to pop by the stores where they would receive a gift. In this way Telenor was able to pull in more of their customers to the physical store which resulted in a sharp increase in sales as well as greater resale rate.


The Challenge

Online shopping has become more common over the years. For a brand like Telenor, it is important to build a relationship with their customers and to maintain personal relations, something that can be hard to achieve through online communication. This technological increase therefore leads to a new challenge for Telenor, namely driving traffic to their physical stores. By driving customer traffic to the store they are able to strengthen the brand by connecting with their customers person to person, thus maintaining and strengthening the relationship with their customers.

The Solution

In the autumn of 2016 we started working with a communication campaign involving a selection of Telenor stores around the Oslo area. Pinch™ was integrated into Telenor’s already existing application, My Telenor, which made it possible to communicate with Telenor customers in a completely different way.

Through Telenor’s application, all of their customers received several offers and were invited to come by one of the Telenor stores in close proximity of their location.

By gathering location data from other collaborators, the application managed to pin-point if the customer was in near proximity of a Telenor store and determined thereafter if they would receive the message. The message was only sent to those customers who had the matching location data.


The result

The results were clear, customers liked it! A campaign that should have lasted for 6 weeks had to be stopped after 2,5 weeks due to excessive pressure. Although tempted with a free gift, the result also proved that approximately half of the customers entering the store also bought other products. This lead to a sharp increase in sales and a double digit growth in revenue compared to competing stores.

As the results were so clear, beacons were installed in several new stores as well as in other areas of use, thereby branching out the beacon infrastructure for Telenor.  


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