Pinch Mobility Analytics

Any metric that is measured can be influenced. Actionable insights for growth.

Pinch Mobility Analytics

Any metric that is measured can be influenced. Actionable insights for growth.

Utilising data from the Pinch network together with your own data, such as ticket sales enables you to measure and act upon quantitative data. This insight makes you able to create more friction less travels and improved customer experience. We pride ourselves in delivering understandable insights for all levels in a Mobility organisations from insight departments to marketing and management.

We deliver different features to our Mobility customers but all based on our technology platform Pinch. We have separated Pinch into different modules:

  • Customer insights
  • Customer surveys
  • Priority travelers
  • Automatic ticketing “Be in, be out”

Customer insights

Using our Pinch platform and the Pinch SDKin your Mobility ticket / travel app we are able to understand the user travel behavior before, during and after using your travel service.


Your end user ticket / travel app using our Pinch SDK asks the end user for consent to know the mobile phone location. Utilizing sensors within the mobile phone (IMU data, GPS, Wifi etc) and sensors in the vehicle (e.g. Ultra beacons) the Pinch SDK calculates the position of the device. The location data are processed on the device and made less accurate using built-in privacy rules before the data are sent from the device to our Pinch Cloud Service. We value the privacy of the end customer and we always make best efforts to comply with the current rules of privacy regulation such as GDPR.


You get immediate access to Pinch Mobility Analytics dashboards where you are able to see live anonymized behavioral Pinch generated data. We offer integrations with several other data sources which empower your own data and generates unique insights into your customers physical customer journeys.

Data can be drilled into and with several filters such as gender, age, living and working areas are normal variables.

The Mobility industry use our insights to better understand how their customers travel and to measure the degree of use.

You may also add the ability to understand how people are behaving and get overviews of how much the users are cycling, walking, commuting and driving.

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Customer surveys

Most companies within the Mobility industry use big efforts into understanding the degree of customers satisfaction of their service.

Using Pinch Mobility Analytics with the Customer survey module you are able to send a push notification to the customer when onboard the Metro, Bus, Ferry, Tram, Taxi etc.

This push notification can be a customer survey measuring the degree of customer satisfaction when the customer is using the service – making the survey more relevant as we know the context of the communication. Most Mobility customers experience a higher degree of conversion than comparable methods.

Using the Customer survey module it gathers data more efficiently than ordinary methods and is less intrusive as the customer chooses to answer. Combining the Customer Survey module with the Customer Insights module gives you a unique ability to understand how customers behave and how they experience your service.

The results are being shown immediately in the Pinch Mobility Analytics Dashboards.

Capacity and Map function

Priority travelers

Priority Travelers are a module in Pinch which is developed for visually impaired and blind persons who want to us public transport.

When the user is nearby a stop Pinch understands that he most likely are waiting for a bus. The user enters which bus number he is waiting for into the mobility ticketing app.  The driver of the bus will immediately get a notification on his screen making sure the bus stops at the stop where the user waits.

The solution also offers a digital stop button which lets the user enter which stop he wants the bus to stop at – even though it is not the next stop on the route. Priority travelers aims at offering services to visually impaired and blind which enables them to make it easier and less troublesome to travel by public transportation.

Push notification and health report

Automatic ticketing

“Be in, be out”

Have you ever wondered how it would be to travel friction free and just walk into a Bus or Metro without buying a ticket and only being charged for the actual distance and time used on the vehicle? Well, we are about to solve this together with a partner and patent pending technology utilizing your mobile phone together with your ticketing app and Pinch Mobility Analytics.

Our technology is so accurate that we are able to offer friction free traveling to your customers. As a consequence you will be able to re-invent your business model and offer your customers new ways of traveling!

Please come try our live demo at our offices in Oslo!

Pinch Privacy Dashboard
Pinch privacy dashboard

The app user is always in control and may withdraw consent, and delete gathered data, at any time. With the Pinch privacy dashboard integrated in the application, the ap user will have full overview of what data is collected, how it is stored and when it will be automatically deleted from the application.

Personal data is anonymised and will not be shared with government or other parties.

Within the app, the user can

  • Withdraw any and all consents.
  • Explore and view collected and stored data.
  • Delete all gathered personal data.
  • Download all gathered personal data.
Pinch Privacy Dashboard
Pinch Privacy Dashboard

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Pinch Mobility Analytics

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