As the Mobility (Mobility as a service) business is continuously evolving due to the rapid development and possibilities technology generates we get more and more clients who benefits from data about user behaviour. 

As Mobility covers different ways of travel within a region , data which can give insight into how people are physically behaving before, during and after and across services are of great need. Our service Pinch are able to generate and uncover this.  

Pinch™ gives you access to dynamic reports. Informing you of how different demographic profiles behave across Mobility services .

Use the knowledge provided by Pinch to trigger communication based on the knowledge about the user behaviour and combine quantitative and qualitative data to understand your customers even better!


Gather the insight you need

Learn about your customers’ behaviour while using your service

Analyze and customize your customer’s experience  based on customer behaviour within the store

Know more about your customers’ demographics

Communicate when your customers are near your store to pull them in

Know more about your customer’s visit rate, even when they don’t shop

Communicate with your customer when in your store, directly on their mobile phone

How it works


All mobile applications with Pinch integrated collects information about the end user (given that the end user has given permission). This information is anonymous and can be made available to those who have beacons in PinchInfrastructure.  

By installing Pinch Beacons within your store, you can access anonymous user profiles from the customers who visit your store. Given they have a smartphone with an application with Pinch integrated. In short, all you need to get to know your customers thoroughly is to have beacons from fluxLoop mounted in your store.  

If you wish to communicate directly with customers who have been in proximity or inside your store, you will have to implement PinchSDK within your mobile application. In this way, you can easily set up a communication plan based on different parameters. Focus your communications and send targeted messages to specific segments based on their demographics, their visiting patterns or a combination. We also assist with both the configuration and installation of the Pinch infrastructure.

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