Pinch Tourism Analytics

Understand your guests’ physical customer journey – and create magic experiences!

The Pinch™ platform lets you understand the important details of your guest’s physical and digital journey – before, during and ‘before next’ visit. We measure guest behaviour using mobile technology and sensors, then we add customer satisfaction, sales and ticket data to nurture even more happy and revisiting guests.

Pinch™ also enables communication with guests across multiple platforms. Location-based mobile dialogue help guests discover experiences that make the day - or pull guests to a valuable offer.

You can individually trigger messages based on customer profile, behaviour or external data such as weather and traffic. Use targeted digital signage to enhance the magic of your destination. Use the digital advertising integrations to market an extra visit or targeted upselling opportunity.

Customer surveys in app have really stepped up. Combining satisfaction scores from surveys with movement data provides deep understanding of what really drives the optimal visit. Add ticket and POS sales data and you can finally know what constitues the most valuable visit for you and your guest.

Pinch Tourism Analytics – for experience industries

5 years experience working with theme parks, cinemas, ski resorts and others have provided a solid tool kit for understanding and enhancing the guest experience. With our good partners we have won awards such as HSMAI-awards, Gulltaggen and INMA / IAB Performance Awards for enhancing the customer journey, «best use of data» and effective behaviour based marketing. We provide a range of services to measure and influence behaviour.
Pinch Tourism Analytics on top level consists of three deliveries:

Data and dashboards for actionable insights

App based dialogue and customer surveys

Behaviour based, segmented marketing

Our customers use the system on all levels of the organisation

• Top-line holistic view of different metrics
• Combining guest sales, behaviour and satisfaction data

Service Quality & COO

• Guest flow, what influences guest satisfaction and destination usage, guest revisits and loyalty
• Prediction – AI based - total and area level•Staffing & hours of operations
• Use app to direct guests to best experience & capacity utilisation
• Weather & Maintenance info with guests

Food & Beverage, Concession sales

• Conversion into stores, to sales
• Coupons & offers
• Optimising value of customer journey

Ticket Sales

• Guest sourcing (demography, geography), guest demography vs usage and loyalty
• What guest behaviour drives season card renewal& multi-day up-sales


• Guest insights on demography, geography and behaviour
• Campaign effectiveness
• AI based guest segmentation including behaviour and ticket data
• Gamification

Operational management

• Mid- and 1st line managers can receive KPIs straight to their phone on demand or at set intervals
• Motivate their team based on their impact on the guests in their area, ride or outlet
• Satisfaction, sales, traffic and other data

Pinch Tourism Analytics help you measure and influence your guest’s experience with a full tool kit of opportunities. This includes:


Using a smart phone app with Pinch™ location technology and a range of sensors will provide optimal precision location data, indoor and outdoor, before, during and after the visit. Our mobile app software SDK is used among millions of users worldwide, is flexible and very battery efficient.


We customize dashboards and generate  KPI’s for all levels of the organisation. Mature customers use our data and visualisations from operational performance management to fact based strategic investment decisions. We enable fact based management top to bottom.

We typically design top-line management dashboards for top management level, with C-level dashboards and in-depth drilldown for CSO, CMO, ticket sales, Quality managers or Food & Beverage management. Line managers receive their soft and hard performance metrics toe-mail or phone.

The dashboards usually combine behaviour data from Pinch, with relevant 1st or 3rd party to show «the full picture» of the value of the guest journey –and effects of changing the physical journey.


The optimal guest journey based on movement, time spend, money spend, demography.

See which areas, attractions, outlets that drive guest satisfaction or spend

Measure  traffic and conversion to all areas, rides, attractions and outlets with minimal investment


We encourage seeing all guest related data linked together – in a flexible, dynamic web report. We have numbers of integrations ready made – and can add your key data into the live reports for the full picture. We would love to demonstrate to you the power of combining data such as:
Guest movement (Pinch)

Consumer Surveys (Pinch or others)

Guest spend (POS)

Ticket sales (e.g. Axess,Data Nova, cinema ticket system)

Parking (Security Park, Axess, others)

Destination data, e.g. Cinema viewing data, advertising exposure, etc

Weather, traffic (open source)

Online sales

BIG DATA, AI and Machine Learning

We have experience using AI and Machine Learning to understand big data from your guests behaviour, transactions and guest surveys in combination with weather and other external data. Using the massive data with our cloud based analysis platform can provide previously unavailable  insights.

Our customers have used Machine Learning to predict future guest traffic with a high 90-ies prediction rate. These data include weather and other factors, which allows the predictions to predict trafic down to  area level of the destination. This is used to optimize staffing and capacity, and can trigger automated dialogue with guests.

Our customers have also used machine learning to automatically feed marketing segments for digital channels based on AI-created guest segments. When guests show a certain behaviour that our ML platform recognises they are automatically entered into marketing segments for up-selling during their visit, or to make a later revisit.


Data from our movement and satisfaction analysis can be used to make investment decisions – which attractions drive new traffic, guest satisfaction, time spend or revisits? But they should also be used every day – asa feedback platform for operations. Which outlets or attractions helped increase guest satisfaction yesterday? Where did congestions negatively impact guest flow? Having the facts and  a powerful visualisation and reports tool help you find the issues, and fix them together with the whole destination team.

The platform also lets you curate the guest experience – if guest flow or weather creates congestions – you can automatically communicate to the guests and recommend an even better experience. A quiet period in the restaurant? Send a push message to hungry guests nearby and welcome them in! Once you have a system for ongoing measurements, you can influence  the guest journey based on facts!


Pinch™ help you create and measure more effective sales campaigns and offers. This is both for boosting day2-visits and ensuring that season pass holders use and renew their tickets, but also to optimize spend during the visit.

Pinch helps you create more relevant offers and cupons based on on behaviour segmentation. We help maximize usage rates of cupons by triggering them at the right time on the right location. We know when guests are likely to open their phones, and we can help trigger that through targeted push messages.

Rebates and offers of course work effectively – but think about all the possibilities from using behaviour insight! Good offers equals good service – if the system sees that a guest has not visited a restaurant the whole day, then a nearby lunch offer should be welcome. Pre-ordering & in app payment can be implemented to improve the guest journey whilst increasing sales.

We of course help measure effects of campaigns and initiatives – on conversion into outlets, as well as cupon and offer redemption.


Our customers have experienced up to triple digit effectiveness growth on automated marketing campaigns using our data and platform. Pinch™ has integrations with Facebook, Instagram , Snapchat and other digital marketing platforms enabling you to automatically target advertising to guests or other behaviour based segments. You can market to guests before, during and after visit based on their behaviour – or segmentations based on all the customer data in our platform.

Our customers have had great success marketing show tickets to guests during their visit – but also to «twin / lookalike»» target groups to those measured. Additionally you can market revisits or season card usage to guests based on the guests’ past behaviour – or maybe remind them of the parts of the park they have not yet visited? For new visitors we may target «passers-by» or nearby holiday visitors and cabin owners.

To personalize marketing during, you can also use digital signage screens to personalize messaging to enhance the experience of the viewer. This is a wonderful communication channel for cross-sales as well as high-relevance info.


Location services in app has endless opportunities for enhancing the customer experience. We have experience with various gamifications such as treasure hunt and location based quizes. This also curates the experience itself and can stimulate a day-2 visit, up-sales or just good old fashioned fun. Many customers also use location services to activate sponsors or create experiences that combine digital and physical experiences.

We have ready made solutions that improve information flow to guests in case of weather changes or technical disruptions. You might want to address and help only guests in affected areas in case of strong wind or downtime, without disturbing other happy guests. These kind of messages could be automated based on e.g. Weather data feed or crowd density, or they could be manually triggered from crew mobile phones.

Among the endless opportunities for using optimizing the guest journey some stand out as killer functionality for some target groups. Our «Find a friend» / Where is my kid? Functionality is popular among event party guests as well as for distressed parents.


Our SDK comes with embedded privacy features developed to accommodate strict privacy concerns. It has been implemented in over 100 apps worldwide and the privacy configurations would be adapted to fit your usage purpose and user acceptance, whilst maintaining regulatory standards. The SDK and backend service, combined with our thorough DataProcessing Agreement and other legal documentation is developed with leadingNordic privacy experts& lawyers to ease compliance with«GDPR» and other legislation.

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