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Shopping Mall

Pinch Retail Analytics

Shopping Mall

We deliver insights for data driven decisions on a number of key issues concerning how different segments take advantage of your destination. Through a number of sensors and data sources we aggregate anonymous data from your unique visitors into understandable information, such as:

Who are they? 


How often do they come? 


Where do they live and work? 


Which retailers or services do they come for? 


Where do they succeed and make a transaction? 


What are their interests outside the mall? 

How to take action based on insights from PRA?

Create your own segments and custom audiences:
Are you over- or underrepresented in your key areas of traffic? Do you have segments preferring other malls to yours? Do you communicate to your workplace customers or your everyday evening audience at the right time with the right message? What about your Saturday audience?
Personalise your communication:
Based on behaviour both outside and inside the mall you can differentiate communication through your marketing channels. Tailor messages to your preferred segments for any given activity or campaign and track your results.

Trigger personalised offers as well as surveys and satisfaction queries based on location or behaviour inside your mall. 
Cultivate your tenant mix and range of services:
Are your tenants stocking the right products for the segments visiting them today? Does their visual merchandising increase impulse visits? Across the mall how is the performance of your tenants comparing to others in the same area or sector? Who stands out with potential for growth? Tracking your segments over time, is your current tenant mix set up for your future customers?

We deliver key insights for data driven decisions tailored for the different roles in a shopping mall organisation:

To compare malls and overall performance.

Mall Manager

Compare and track key segments in relation to campaigns, activities, changes and development in tenants or overall offer of services.

Marketing executives

Identify relevant segments for growth. Differentiate and personalise communication in different channels.

Visual merchandisers

Activate visitors and increase share of impulse.

Store managers

Optimize operations and improve sales.
Shopping mall

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