Kolumbus case: Customer Surveys

Kolumbus is the premier mobility provider in Rogaland county, Norway. Their aim is to make Rogaland a better place to live by offering an innovative and customer centric public transport service.

The challenge

Kolumbus, like most public transport authorities, measure the experienced customer service onboard, to further develop and elevate their services. 
Traditionally these were in-person interviews conducted onboard the vehicles. This was both expensive, challenging and complex to administer.

Another challenge was that the passengers could be influenced by the interviewer, providing a more positive set of answers, thereby making it difficult to discern and improve areas that might be suboptimal.

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The solution

fluxLoop developed a solution for Kolumbus and implemented location-based technology in their real-time travel app. Along with placing our BLE-sensors on all vehicles.

In addition, we initiated an automatic, self-serviced customer survey feature. The technology chooses passengers at random when they are onboard a bus, train or boat, and a pop-up notification on their phone allows them to start a survey. 

We see a great advantage in utilising fluxLoop’s technology with our real-time travel app to gather valuable data and customer surveys in a user privacy friendly way. Using modern technology enables us to be more customer oriented in everything we do.

- Audun Solheim, Development and Strategy Director at Kolumbus.

The result

Kolumbus is presumably Norway's most digital public transport administrator with the BLE-sensors communicating with the passenger app, providing unique insight into travel patterns and needs. 

The automated survey reaches more passengers than the traditional way of conducting it did, and since many passengers wish to participate in improving the transportation offer, it has increased the feedback Kolumbus receives. This gives them a solid foundation in understanding the customers and improving their services. 

During the Covid-19 pandemic, these interviews have proven especially valuable as the surveys could be conducted safely without risk of infection.  

The overall insight helps Kolumbus innovate mobility services and secures an efficient return on Rogaland county’s investments.

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Image by Elisabeth Tønnesen/Kolumbus AS.