Our culture

At fluxLoop we strive to balance work and play. We belive that work should push you to achieve more and make you learn from your mistakes as well as you successes, but the workload curve should resemble a smile upon your face.

Learn as you go

Knowledge is something we gain through life, and something we should continually seek to attain. That is why we try to maintain openness between our departments, both mentally and physically, so we can better understand each other and our product.

Creativity and knowledge is something we applaud and value and we find a way to acquire new knowledge whether it's it though seminars, courses or other platforms.

Fun makes life easy

As an outgoing bunch we love to explore the possibilities of new experiences. Either though weekend trips to Trysil, escaping rooms in Oslo, Sky diving in wind tunnels or after work beers. Social outings are important to us not just because it's fun, but because we get new ways of solving problems – together! 

Meet the Team

Meet Werner
Mister man himself. Head of Smart City salesforce Werner is the definition of on point, both in his working style and dress style. With a positive energy surrounding him, Werner always seems to light the room up even when he manages to do sit still.
Meet Ulrik
The brains behind the company and the master of surprise. Ulrik keeps us on our toes. He pushes us to raise the bar in both work life and knowledge acquisition. Starting out as a business developer he set his sights towards a more technological future and bonded together with his friends to create the company we know today.
Meet Thomas
From a lone wolf to one of the pack. Thomas joined fluxLoop in 2019 coming from his own company Conversion. With his arms and mind open he was welcomed in as head of our Retail salesforce and has revolutionised the way retail and data play together.
Meet Olivia
A sun ray of creativity. Spreading laughter and enthusiasm wherever she goes, Olivia is a joy to have at the office. Starting at fluxLoop in 2018, as an all-arounder, she has now found her true calling as head of UX and UI. Olivia is a social butterfly with a listening ear. She has an urge to understand people and strives to be a supporting tool in every problem.
UX & UI Designer
Meet Ole
As the Michelangelo of fluxLoop he has sculptured the coding department into a smooth working machine. Born in Columbia and lived in more places than one could count on one hand Ole has finally found his way back to Norway and has become a crucial part of the team.
Head of Product & Tech
ole@fluxloop.com+47 411 28 281
Meet Morten
The man with the plan. Born in Akershus and raised in more places than the sun, Morten is our head of beacon assembly and maintenance, and the guru in Power BI. Morten is more out and about on location than he is behind the television at home. With a smile on his face he solves the most complicated assemblies, always with a high level accuracy.
System Developer
Meet Mats
Desember of 2019 Mats decided to join our Customer Success Team, and as a big fan of football he has had no problem playing game. Quick to capture the ball, Mats has taken lead on several of our projects and become a real asset in fluxLoop.
Customer Success Manager
mats@fluxloop.com+47 924 40 856
Meet Kissor
Master of code, cracker of Enigma, the go to man for technology. Kissor is very focused on personal privacy and always has the end user in mind when designing our software.
System Developer
Meet Karoline
The powerhouse of fluxLoop. As our head of CSM and the foresight of an eagle, Karoline points our team towards the right destination. There is yet to be an obstacle Karoline hasn't overcome as she takles everything head on as well as with a cool head.
Head of Customer Success
karoline@fluxloop.com+47 908 03 044
Meet Jarle
As the head of backend coding, Jarle has control over everything that goes on behind the computer screen. No task is too big. Requests are often answers with a “Sure, that’s possible”. He is the go to man at both work and social gatherings if we have a problem to be solved or a need for an interesting chat or an entertaining banter.
Meet Iben
The queen of Cats started at fluxLoop in 2018 straight from finishing her degree in Interaction Design. Always with a smile on her mouth, she is the head of frontend coding and the busy bee around the office. Iben is the definition of balancing work and play and one of the key drivers to the vibrant and playful environment at fluxLoop.
System Developer
Meet Espen
The office go-getter. If you have heard of fluxLoop you have probably heard of Espen.
Meet David
Born in Gjøvik and the urge to set his hands to work, David started tapping his fingers on both PC and piano keys. After gaining a background in data engineering, David was one of the original four guys of fluxLoop. He has since then had his finger in several of the ongoing “project-pots” making sure the quality is up to par.
System Developer
Meet Andreas
Customer Success Manager
andreas@fluxloop.com+47 950 50 760