Brakar case: Priority Passenger

Brakar is the premier public transport authority in the Buskerud region, in Norway. They administer 350 buses, and always aim to accommodate their passengers’ needs.

The challenge

Brakar recognised that boarding the right bus presents a challenge for blind and visually impaired passengers. As there are several bus lines sharing the same stops, this passenger group sometimes has trouble differentiating between the different lines, as well as the sound of a bus and other vehicles. It could also be difficult for the bus driver to spot them along a busy road, and also because not everyone uses a white cane, or is accompanied by a guide dog.

Brakar aims to meet the expectations of the visually impaired/blind to travel freely and safely - like everyone else. As a result, Brakar contacted fluxLoop to find a sustainable solution that would benefit both passengers and drivers.

While working on this specific case we saw how the solution is highly scalable and will be able to provide the same value for people with other disabilities, as well as passengers who might need more time to board and disembark.

We had been searching for a partner to realise the idea for a long time, and when we met fluxLoop it was a perfect match. Together we are now testing a solution we believe will make everyday life so much better for the blind and visually impaired when travelling on public transportation.

- Kjersti Danielsen Nordgård, Head of Sales and Marketing at Brakar

The solution

After close communication with Brakar, representatives from Blindeforbundet and the bus operators mapping out the desired features, fluxLoop started the development of a technological platform.

We are currently at the physical testing stage, making sure the technology performs as intended, while getting invaluable feedback from participating stakeholders and Priority Passengers.

The software, that will be implemented in an app at a later stage, will allow the passenger to choose which line he or she wants to travel with. When they are at the bus stop of the selected bus line, the software will detect them and a message will be sent to the applicable bus drivers screen, letting them know at which stop the Priority Passenger awaits. The passenger will then be able to enjoy a more comfortable and worry-free journey.

Being able to navigate the physical world aided by digital solutions will impart the opportunity to expand travel possibilities for all Priority Passengers.

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