Be-Insight is a research project that lasts from March 2020 until July 2022. The project participants are fluxLoop AS, Høyskolen Kristiania, Ruter AS and Nordland fylkeskommune, with fluxLoop AS being the project owner. The project is supported by the Norwegian Research Council.  

The goal is to enable automated ticketing (Be-In, Be-Out) and new business models in the public transport area. The project will also improve trip flow modelling and behaviour analysis for the mobility industry. The gained insight will enable the industry players to better improve their operation and service offerings.

The research project revolves around how to use and combine various technologies in order to accurately determine the position of a mobile phone, without compromising user privacy. This will give the mobility players the necessary foundation for automatic ticketing, as well as valuable insights for further optimising of service offerings.

The end users will enjoy a “ticket free”experience and more reasonable pricing, based on actual number of stops, travel time or travel distance, as opposed to the present pricing structure which often is perceived as unfair.  

Research shows that a reduction in complexity increases customer satisfaction and the number of travellers and trips. Hence, the innovation will lead to more people choosing public transport, and thereby add to positive benefits on the environment.  


The Periodic Ticket can soon be History

A brand-new research project aims to create a simpler and more fair ticketing system for you and me. fluxLoop has teamed up with Kristiania University College, Ruter (the public transportation company serving the greaterOslo region) and Nordland County Municipality. With their ongoing research project, they are working on how to eliminate the ticket frustration in public transport. The project has received support from the Research Council ofNorway.

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