This is our life story

fluxLoop was created in 2012 when 3 guys decided to create their own future based on a dream to create a company that would revolutionise user experience in a physical context. The company was established in the center of Oslo, Norway.
In this day and age the majority of the population are in possession of a smartphone and in our day to day life we actually use most of our time in a offline context. Understanding the users´ physical behaviour by digitising the outdoors and indoors movement of the smartphone we manage to better understand how people behave – we believe this is valuable information!
With our service Pinch, fluxLoop is defining a new industry in a new and growing market. In a short time period we have acquired extensive and important experience with the use of software and sensors within the Norwegian market and now we are expanding into new markets. Actors across different verticals such as retail and shopping, mobility, tourism and experience are already using Pinch with great benefits.
Know more, make better decisions!
- Understanding your users´ behaviour.
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