Understanding people

With our core Pinch product suite, clients gain actionable insights to drive revenue, efficiencies and reach their goals.
Pinch understands human behaviour based on their mobile phones without compromising end user privacy.

Be-Insight is an ongoing research project which aims to enable automated ticketing (Be-In, Be-Out) and develop new business models for the public transport sector. The project will also improve trip flow modelling and behaviour analysis, which will provide the mobility industry with valuable insights to better improve their operation. This will lead to a friction free and more reasonable travel experience, which again stimulate to increased use of environmentally sustainable transport. 

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Pinch Privacy Dashboard

Pinch Privacy Dashboard gives the end user total control over personal location data gathered and processed through Pinch. You may explore, download, delete and share your personal data directly through apps using Pinch. We put the end user in total control!

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Meet Karoline
The powerhouse of fluxLoop. As our head of CSM and the foresight of an eagle, Karoline points our team towards the right destination. There is yet to be an obstacle Karoline hasn't overcome as she takles everything head on as well as with a cool head.

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